Kharis Productions Ltd

Kharis Productions Ltd was established as an independent film and television company in 2002. Its staff have decades of production experience. Both Iain Morris and Karen Rollins – founders of the company – began their television careers at Scottish Television (STV), Scotland’s national commercial broadcaster and part of the ITV network in the UK.

At STV, they produced or managed a full range of programming including:

  • Drama
  • Children’s television
  • Documentary
  • News & Current Affairs
  • Education
  • Religion

Later at Glasgow based Scope Productions Ltd, Iain and Karen jointly developed an expansive international portfolio of programming.

Since setting up Kharis Productions the portfolio, still with a strong international client base, expanded still further to encompass the production of two feature films: Stripes of the Zebra and award winning The Eastern Bride.

Latest Series

Most recently Kharis has been the production company behind the major new international documentary TV series: The God Question: Science, God and the Search For Truth. It is being shown on international public service channels in parts of Europe, Asia and Africa to a potential audience of more than 700 million.

The Kharis Team at Your Service

With decades of experience in many production genres, the Kharis Productions team has the expertise needed to select just the right on screen approach for each programme or series. Kharis offers its own unique blend of creativity, production expertise and organisational skill from the development stage through to the final master.

Within its broad range of expertise, the company has developed specialist understanding and skills related to the often challenging areas of religion and education.

Large or Small… National or International

Productions can be large or small scale. Beyond the core team based in Hamilton, Scotland, Kharis Productions often encompasses a wide range of international personnel. Whether working with a Director of Photography from Holland, a camera team in the USA, feature film industry production staff in South Africa or drawing on the wealth of local talent in Scotland, the Kharis team is often cosmopolitan and multicultural. However, the core skills of research, writing, producing, directing and production management reside within the Kharis core team, making it a truly one-stop-shop.