Against the Tide Launches in USA

Posted on 20 Nov 2020

The Against the Tide cinematic documentary from Kharis Productions launched on 19th November 2020 on over 500 screens in the USA, to great acclaim.


 "The film is simply outstanding in every way."


"A stellar and extremely well written documentary."


  "The whole production was wonderfully well executed."   

  " It has left me buzzing with excitement."


  "It tackled some really big questions head on, and very well. Brilliantly filmed".

  "No better man to tackle some tough questions than Mr Lennox."


   "A truly excellent film."


   "Thank you for this bold initiative."


    "Well done! Amazing production."


"A massive production and clearly done at the highest level."  


"It’s a very challenging Movie - rich and full - and positioned  at the appropriate audience, it will definitely create debate."  


"Inspiring film."


"It is beautiful, powerful and intriguing....!"


Magnificent film. Great script


"Excellent filming and dialogue."


"…an excellent debate that comes to life with actual visits to the historical sights."


"It is terrific."


"Many congratulations on producing such a brilliant film."


"Wonderful Film."


"Wildly received."




"The trailer of your movie made my soul sing. Cannot wait. Will fly to town to see the movie".


"Heartiest congratulations on the film. It is superlative in its content and presentation of the key questions - highly engaging and informative. It all felt very natural as we eavesdropped into a conversation between two interesting people. Their inter-personal chemistry came over also."


"Congratulations! It was a tour de force from the director, John Lennox and Kevin Sorbo and a stroke of genius to film so much of the discussion in biblical situ. It was certainly the best presentation and discussion of the science-religion issues that I have ever seen."


"The film was great and I believe it will be a tremendous resource in the future. Everyone involved deserves our deepest gratitude".


A great symbiosis of the personal story of a mathematician andthe big questions of science, philosophy, and theology!

 "Amazing pictures and settings!"

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Against the Tide Launches in USA
Posted on 20 Nov 2020