Against the Tide Wins Two Awards in One Week

Posted on 07 Oct 2021

We're delighted to announce that 'Against the Tide' has won the 'Best of Festival Award 2021' from the Canadian Real to Reel Film Festival. The film has also won 'Best Presentation Award 2021' from the Christian Worldview Film Festival, San Antonio, Texas. read more

Against the Tide Launches in USA

Posted on 20 Nov 2020

The Against the Tide cinematic documentary from Kharis Productions launched on 19th November 2020 on over 500 screens in the USA, to great acclaim.    "The film is simply outstanding in every way."   "A stellar and extremely well written documentary."     "The whole production was wonderfully well executed."   … read more

Against The Tide - a new cinematic production

Posted on 25 Nov 2019

Throughout 2019, Kharis producers have been immersed in the production of ‘Against The Tide’ - a cinematic bio-picture on the life of Oxford Professor John Lennox and in particular the story behind his high profile encounters with world renowned atheists. The second part of the film is set in Israel… read more

Science and God for Kids

Posted on 25 Nov 2019

​With decades of experience in educational productions for young people, it was natural for Kharis Productions personnel to turn attention to resources for children on the big topic of science and God. “For years,” said producer Iain Morris, “We’ve been asked to produce resources for children on this subject that… read more

From West to East….

Posted on 25 Nov 2019

​The God Question series has been broadcast and viewed widely across the western world and beyond - Africa and even Thailand in South East Asia. But now the series has been completely revised and renewed with content to attract a Far Eastern audience specifially. "Science and God: The Search For… read more

Opening The Debate in North America

Posted on 06 Dec 2016

​Thursday 1st September saw the begining of the contract between broadcaster CBC Canada and Flame Distribution which represents Kharis Productions Ltd, Producers of The God Question. In North America, the series will be transmitted with the title ‘Science vs God’? The question mark is an essential aspect of the series… read more

News of The God Question Reaches The Planet

Posted on 28 Nov 2016

​Planet Knowledge is one of the world’s up and coming VOD platforms. An arrangement has just been completed between the channel and distributors Flame acting for Kharis Productions Ltd. A substantial number of the channel’s clientele are from the UK. Programmes can be viewed on Smart Phones and Tablets or… read more

Viva Espana

Posted on 04 Aug 2015

La Cuestion De Dios - Spanish for ‘The God Question’! After 18 months in preparation, the translation and dubbing is complete and the final mix will soon take place, thereby opening up the series to millions of Spanish speakers in mainland Spain and Latin America. Chairman of Search for Truth… read more

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