Communication Consultancy

Reaching the whole audience, with the whole message...

Communication: it’s as natural as breathing. So why does it sometimes go so badly wrong? And, in any circumstances, how can it be improved? That is the remit of Kharis.Comms.

The ability to communicate, especially through language, is one of the great distinguishing features of the human race. And yet, how we acquired the mental skills involved remains one of the great mysteries not yet opened by neuroscience.

Somehow, we have been hardwired to communicate through language and, as a result, we enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle and a complex network of relationships.

At an organisational level, effective communication – both internally and externally – is crucial to success. In reality, that is difficult to achieve especially since the subtleties and nuances of communication are seldom understood and communication itself is all too rarely the subject of organisational review.

Kharis.Comms was set up to assist organisations of any size:
Kharis has researched and identified a comprehensive mosaic of skills and understanding which underpin effective communication. These not only incorporate classic communications skills - such as accuracy, clarity, focus and a sense of audience – but extend to many other crucial aspects of communication such as understanding relationships, emotional and social intelligence, interpersonal skills and the management of information.

  • To focus on the wide range of factors crucial to communications success
  • To review communications practice and outcomes
  • To offer relevant training in developing the necessary expertise in being an effective communicator
  • To hone the organisation to be characterised by effective communication
  • To frame a communications policy which identifies the organisation’s commitment to definite standards of communication in all relevant areas and sets out a schedule for development and implementation

Kharis.Comms has carried out its consultancy work in Scotland and in London where, consequently, substantial and crucially important organisational benefits were experienced.

For a free initial consultation about how Kharis.Comms can bring communications success to your organisation, e-mail us.