Education & Training

Education and training for young people and for adults has been a major strand of programming for the Kharis production team and has involved many television genres. Clients have included BBC, Channel 4, The Department for Education in London, The Teacher Training Agency, The National College for School Leadership in Nottingham, the Scottish Education Department, The Scottish Government and a variety of local authorities.

One of the company’s key skills is bringing to the screen demonstrably high quality education and analysing its success in a way that allows others to understand its success and how to implement it effectively in their own environments. Outstanding examples include the international documentary Co-operative Learning representing best practice in Canada and in Scotland of co-operative learning in classrooms using the principles of Johnson and Johnson. Assessment is for Learning helped teachers reach new levels of professionalism in applying the principles of self, peer and teacher led assessment.

Parents and Kids - a series of programmes for teachers and parents illustrated how they can join forces to elevate the educational experience of the children in their care. Children with special educational needs has also featured in Kharis documentaries such as Living with DCD and Children with Autism. Many Kharis productions have focused on illustrating and teaching the principles of good leadership and management.

The Kharis education portfolio also includes programmes especially aimed at enhancing the skills of young people. Highly successful examples include Investigating Drama, Talking for Scotland, Sounds Cool and Taking Stock of Talk for the BBC.

The latest contribution to classrooms in the UK — and beyond — is INTRODUCING THE GOD QUESTION, based on Kharis Productions’ highly successful international television series. With accompanying Study Guide and Teacher’s Guide, this newly available classroom resource connects closely with A Level Philosophy and A Level Religious Knowledge, Religious, Philosophical and Moral Studies in the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and the Theory of Knowledge module in the International Baccalaureate. In North America, the series is being distributed throughout the educational community by Films for the Humanities and Sciences. There, the series is entitled Science vs God? – Find Out More 

With such immersion in the educational world, Kharis Productions does not only bring experience of the classroom, but the company’s unique expertise in making the screen a learning environment for viewers.