Kharis Productions’ feature films combine creativity with the extensive organisational and production management skills involved in directing casts of hundreds - sometimes including children and animals – as well as scores of technical crew. Although creative and organisational skills are involved in every production, they are never more tested than in the making of a feature film. The Kharis team has two feature films in its portfolio: Stripes of the Zebra and The Eastern Bride, produced through the Kharis sister company, MakMovies. Film locations include South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Taiwan and China.

Each of these films has been shown across the world, with dubbed soundtracks in several languages.

The theme common to both films is the unjust persecution of religious minorities.

Stripes of the Zebra

Feature Film


The drama productions in the Kharis portfolio have almost always had an educational purpose. Sometimes the cast has been exclusively children as in Let’s Do Democracy – productions for Scottish Parliament produced in English and Gaelic. The highly successful Handle with Care dramatised the communications challenges often faced by teachers and parents, with children caught in the crossfire! Drama was also the genre used in the production of interactive programmes designed to train aspiring head-teachers in England and Wales to manage schools.

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