Kharis Productions is an independent film and television production company based in Hamilton, Scotland. Experienced in Documentaries, Docudrama, Feature Film, Education and Training, the company has developed specialist expertise in Religion and Education.

Kharis Productions Around The World

Filming on-location delivers in-depth programming, vibrant imagery, authentic casting. Kharis Productions have a rich portfolio of quality international films, documentaries and dramas.

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Kharis Productions for Broadcast Television

Kharis producers’ documentaries have appeared on BBC, ITV and Channel 4 as well as on Channels 2 and 4 in Russia, SABC South Africa, NRK Norway, SVT Sweden. Recently, Kharis programmes have been acquired by broadcasters in Denmark, Thailand, Kenya, Poland, South Africa.

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Kharis Productions goes Global

Especially for the western world, will science prove to be the last nail in God’s coffin? The God Question series – in some territories it has the title Science vs God? – has gone global in addressing this issue. From the USA to China, from Scandinavia to Africa and from Russia to South East Asia, people want to investigate and are accessing the series on mainstream television channels as well as on VOD.

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Investigating The God Question

For those viewers wishing to have their own copies of The God Question series, not only can they purchase it on DVD but they can also buy a Study Guide providing insights on each programme, thought provoking issues for reflection and discussion as well as useful summaries for the case for theism and the case for atheism.

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Kharis Productions At Work

Looking behind the scenes is always a fascinating experience. During the making of the feature film The Eastern Bride, a film crew followed the production process.

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